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What are OST and PST files?

OST and PST are essentially variants of a same file format. Despite that, converting them isn't a clear-cut process. Firstly, you cannot do it manually, either renaming them or using Outlook client's features. You need a converter from a third-party developer.

The OST to PST Converter

Many of these converters don't get it right. There are frequent mishaps with the data integrity. And if you are not careful, you might even end up some form of a permanent loss. If you don't delete the original OST right away after the conversion, you will still have the backup and can try again through other methods. But many delete OST assuming the conversion went correctly.

This is reasonable. No one can go through each email to look for misplaced items or if everything is converted as expected or not. You can roughly look for errors to some extent, but it is not possible to do a thorough verification.

The Challenges

The problem with OST to PST converters is that they can end up with faults anywhere within the files. Sometimes, it is the images that are not processed and converted properly. Other times, it might be your attachments.

Given the nature of OST files, email data in general, and the complexity of emails in the current climate, any sort of negligence with the integrity could be potentially disastrous.

So, how to get on with this stress-free?

The answer is obviously through a professional and reliable OST to PST converter. One of which is 'OST Extractor Pro'.

convert ost to pst

Many IT professionals recommend it wholeheartedly due to the converters' sharp ability to pick up everything for processing and conversion.

The way 'OST Extractor Pro' differ from other similar converters greatly. The algorithms and the central-logic working at its core are devised from the scratch. It can take care of all sorts of various information and metadata, including the architecture of your original database.

Accurate & Safe OST to PST Conversion

To go into more specific details, 'OST Extractor Pro' converts emails from OST to PST well, but the high-precision for the following components is what makes it the most stress-free utility for the job:

The above components are found to be the most sensitive and trickiest to convert. Through the detailed algorithms at work in 'OST Extractor Pro', you can finally let go of the anxiety of losing them.

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Ready to convert OST to PST without taking any unnecessary stress and fear?

Download the setup file.

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If you don't feel like activating it yet, you don't have to. After installing, it can work immediately in a free trial version that has no features locked (it will only convert ten items from each folder), giving you a better chance to dig deep and check out the features in your own way.

'OST Extractor Pro' has radically shifted the commonly accepted ways of file conversion and brought forward a professional approach that finally makes OST to PST conversion stress-free.