Cushion up the Export of OST to PST with the FAQs for OST Extractor Pro!

Export of OST to PST can be a tiring task especially for someone who keeps at bay from all the technical jobs. This task is quite demanding and it is suggested that the users, especially beginners, make themselves accustomed to the basics of the job.

Export of OST to PST

These FAQs for export of OST to PST have been combined with the best product for the task- OST Extractor Pro! Take full advantage of the information on the subject and proceed with confidence to accomplish export of OST to PST with perfection.

export of OST to PST

Q. Does OST Extractor Pro work on Mac Operating system?

A. OST Extractor Pro is an ost to pst converter tool software that has been developed to help the larger proportion of the users. Other than being user friendly, this tool is also widely flexible in terms of the operating systems that it is compatible with. That is to say that one can make use of this tool on Windows as well as Mac. For Windows, it remains compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 as well as Windows Server 2003/2008/2012. In case of Mac, OS 10.7 or higher is required.

Q. How much time does it take to procure the license key for OST Extractor Pro?

A. USL Software, the creator of OST Extractor Pro, has rolled out this tool in 4 different licenses as well as in a demo trial version. Purchasing any of these license keys requires the fulfillment of certain basic formalities such as registration and payment. Once the formalities are completed (within barely a few minutes), an email with the details of the license key is forwarded to the user. Of course, in case of the demo version, no formalities are required and the same can be utilized immediately after the download gets completed.

Q. Can I export attachments using OST Extractor Pro?

A. When taking up the job of export of OST to PST, OST Extractor Pro can prove to be a real asset for the users. This tool has dedicated algorithms to pick up each and every kind of detail present on the email files and convert them further into the desired format. We say desired format because this tool is capable of converting OST to PST, Apple mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, and EML. Further, elements like attachments, Unicode content, graphic images, nested messages, contacts, calendars, and the like are precisely rebuilt in the PST format so as to produce absolute carbon-copies of the OST files.

Q. What kind of procedure does OST Extractor Pro have for export of OST to PST?

A. OST Extractor Pro comes with a very simple and intuitive process for export of OST to PST. There are 4 simple steps that must be followed. These are: Upload the files using the locate option from within the Microsoft OST to PST tool, Preview the files in the preview window and remove any unwanted files, Choose the output as .pst as well as a preferable location for saving the output files, and lastly watch over the quick conversion process via log report. That is all. Straight and Effective export of OST to PST!